Tuxcee - Small Miniature Poodle
10 months old. Weight: 10lbs
Madison - Small Miniature Poodle
Full Tuxedo. Lives in Miami, FL

Two miniature poodles with inherited parti factor. Please see below for ancestry details.

Our family vetinarian Dr. W Golston at the Alpharetta Animal Hospital has treated and administered all required treatment. Health certificates are available.


We supply a progress report and their 3 generational Pedigree AKC Certificates. 


Mechante LeChien and Dupreez Le Chien


Mechante LeChien

Dupreez Le Chien

Mechante LeChien and DuPreez Previous litter


Peanut is the grandfather (DNA #V391714) courtesy of

Tippy Tux is a pure bred Toy with Tuxedo markings and inherited full parti factor


Tippy Tux weight: 7.50 - 10 Ibs

Ella Bella of Crossland is Peanut's daughter with the full parti factor. Courtesy of

Chawnte French Girl is a miniature AKC pedigree


Chawnte's weight: 12 Ibs

Color: Jet black

Chawnte's baby - 2 weeks old. Ready to go to forever home  September 5th


Weight: 14 lb

Prince Quincy of Adam's Lake. Courtesy of

Prince Quincy and Ella Bella's offspring is Tippy Tux Chien Noir

Miniature poodles:  -   born August 2015  and now  living all over the states. Tennessee

Indiana, Mississippi,Alabama and Georgia. in their forever homes.

Fancy Two at 10 months - Living in Destin, FL

Their impressive multi-generational AKC Pedigree shows their great disposition, intelligence and their ability to flow with the rest of the adult poodles and the rest of the household. They will make wonderful pets for children