Bloodline 2 - La'vie LeChien

Tiny Toy - 5-7 lbs - Registered CKC


DuPreez LeChien (Stud)

CKC Registered

Name: LeRouge Chien 

Pedigree: Small Miniature (Certified)

Weight: 10-12 Ibs

LeRouge has a full pedigree certification with a very impressive family. Her father comes from 18 generations of champions and her mother is purebred AKC pedigree certified.


Harry, at 4.5 months


LeRouge and Tippy Tux

Previous Litter



Rusty Red Spice is the father, a purebred Red Miniature Sire. Courtesy of JR Photography

LeRouge Chien's Ancestry

LeRouge and her first litter

Cinnamon "n" Spice is the mother. Cinnamon and Rusty gave birth to LeRouge. Courtesy of JR Photography

Toby - 10 mo. old


5 month old - Lives in Marietta


Drie Hoek Kerrie Koek is an Apricot Purebred Miniature. Le Rouge and him had her first litter  





Phantom - Leia, all grown up

Gomo and Azuki, same mother & Father - 1 year apart

LeRouge's and Tippy's puppy, Tofel. International passport holder that travels Europe with his family every year

Male sibling - Louis - 9 month miniature with 13" leg height

LeRouge's litter, Gomo, almost a year old and weights 14 lbs

Rusty was born in 2014  mother Lerouge Chien and dad  Drie Hoek Kerrie Koek - now living in SC


Born in 2016


Fin, Gabrielle's brother, one year later

Enjoying a ride.jpg

Gabrielle LeChien at 18 months old (August 2019)

Gabrielle LeChien: One of litter of seven from LeRouge