Suzette Le Chien

Small Miniature (12lbs)

Suzette Le Chien

Weight: 12 lb - CKC Registered

Small Miniature

DuPree, 7lbs, Sire


Previous Litter

Suzette's 3 puppies

2 Girls + 1 Boy

Full CKC & AKC registration and pedigree papers will be provided

Suzzette's Mother and Father

 Suzeette's 2017 litter, GiGi living in Dallas

Suzete's 2017 litter:  Max, now living in Lawrenceville, GA

Suzete's 2017 litter:  Jilly, almost 2 years old, weighs 7.5 lbs


Born on January 5th 2019

at 5 oz each, and matured to small miniatures

and toys

Louise, matured into a 7lb toy

at 14 months old.

Winston at 14 months and weights 14lbs

Small Miniature

Ready to go home at 8 weeks

Winston (Left), Louise (Middle),

Their impressive multi-generational AKC Pedigree shows their great disposition, intelligence and their ability to flow with the rest of the adult poodles and the rest of the household. They will make wonderful pets for children